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Assalamualaikum wr.wb
First of all, let us say our praise and gratitude to Allah SWT who blessed us with mercy and grace, so that all of us can gather here and now. In this opportunity I will deliver a speach of mine about the Impoartance of Technology in  our Life. Hopefully what I am about to share here is going to be usedful for all of us
Ladies and Gentlemen, technologies are something that we humans needs in our life to improve our life by making things a bit easier. In general, technology is something that created intentionally by humans.Technologies exist since a long time ago and it’s continually developing. The development of technology is occured because humans used their mind to deal with every problem they are facing,and then created something to make it easier to deal with. In the begining technologies were things created to help humans to exploit and make use of the nature itself such as houses, utitlities like axes, spears, boats, etc.
As the time flows, technologies are developing fast. In fact, the current develeopment of technologies are deemed quite massive and eyond the reach of earlier humans’ logic. And, every aspect of life are included in the developement such as health, food, and many more. The most notable technology developement are transportation and communication. In the past it is difficult to move distant places to another, let alone trying to contact them. Boats, carts, and some animal such as horses and pigeons are some of the “technologies” used back then to support communication.
But, nowadays humans has overcome such difficulties, by creating a decent technologiesto support them. Now people can go to a distant places within hours. And we can also share an evening talk even we are far apart from one and another using phones or internet. There are many other technologies that help us in health, agriculture and so on.
Ladies and gentlemen, technologies have brought a good effect to our life. But, not all of the technologies are good for us humans. For example the technology of wars. There is a lot of frightening mass murdering weapons being created these days. Due to this weapons people become more and more restless and afraid because war obviously can take everything they have. That being said, we humans have to deal with these so called development wisely and use it for the good of the many. If we were to die because of our own findings, it wouldn’t be funny.
Ladies and gentlement, these are the things I can share throug my speech. Thankyou for your attention.
Wabilahitaufik walhidayah wassalamualaikum wr.wb

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

Tutorial "How To Change 3G To 4G on Android

How to change 3G to 4G on android phones with in Qualcomm Chipset Processor:
  1. For open Engineering mode in qualcomm chipset processor phone download and install “Shortcut Master Lite app”.
  2. Open it and click on Menu.
  3. Search for “Service Menu” Or “Engineering Mode” and select it.
  4. Now you can change the preferred network.
  5. OR  Dial *#2263# then Select Menu and Click Back again then Select Menu.
  6. Now go to Key Input and Enter “0000”, Select UE Setting from Popup.
  7. Select the desired band by going : Configure Protocol>NAS>Network Control>Band Selection>LTE Band>
Switch between 2G / 3G / 4G LTE on android mobile phones with Mediatek Chipset Processor
If your device is used mediatek chipset processor then follow below steps to use 4g sim in 3g android mobile phones.
  1. Download and install Mtk Engineering Mode app from play store.
  2. Open it and click on “Mtk Settings”.
  3. Under Telephony scroll down , to “Network selecting/Preferred Network” Option.
  4. Now select the desired network from the list.
This above two method are good for those who want to use particular Frequency BAND like 2300MHz band 40 provides faster speed than the 1800Mhz band 3 and 850 Mhz Band 5. If you have inserted 4G sim card on a 3G phone

english class

Hello everyone, back to my blog, in this post I want to tell you about the last english class I had. We were wacthing a movie titled Akeelah and the Bee and it’s awesome. The film tells a tale about Akeelah Anderson, a girl who is only 11 but has the ability to spell difficult words with ease. The teacher asked us to pay attention to the movie and asked us to answer theese three question before we start...

1. Who is your favorite characters... and why did you chose her/him?
2. What is the best scene in the movie and what does it taught you?
3. Write 10 words that the characters in the movie spelled, along with their meaning.

And I answered right after the movie ends,
                1. My favorite character is Javier, He is a crazy, easy-going, and friendly person. He became Akeelah’s bestfriend ever since they first met. Throughout the story it is revealed he might developed a liking to Akeelah and it looks like the feeling is actually mutual. He tried to cover Akeelah once int the regional bee competition. He also gave tips on spelling on Akeelah, telling her that she should spell the word she don’t know about the way how people say it. Unfortunately he forgot his own tips and failed to proceed to the final of the National Spelling Bee.

                2. The best scene is when one of Akeela bestfriend, Javier tried to buy Akeelah some time in regional bee when her mother come and asked her to stop what is she doing. He asked the judges to give him the definition of Rattatouille five times, and even ask the judges to sing a song about it. He makes all the judges confused about it. He also said he even consider to tap dance in case Akeelah didn’t show up.

                3. The 10 words and their meanings...
                  Carmagnole       : carmagnole is a lively songs that popular during the first French revolution
                  Pastiche              : pastiche is a work of arts that imitates the style of other artist
  Correspondence:correspondence is a way of communication exchanged through written or digital questionare that conducted by two or more parties
  Grovel                    : grovel is an act to lie down your body with the position facing the ground
  Placid                     : to feel pleasantly calm and peacefull
  Fancipul                : something that unceal or only an imaginary
  Prestidigitation     : a skill that used to deceive others by hands tricks
  Pterodactyl            : an extinct flying dinosaur
  Laboratory            : a building use to conduct screntific experiments test or investigation
  Psalmody              : psalmody is an act at worshiping God by singing psalms

Sabtu, 15 April 2017

I can't imagine life without....?

Hai everybody…
This time I’m going to write about “I can’t imagine life without ……?”
For me, I can’t imagine life without best friend. Did you ever imagine that you live in this world without having a best friend? I think a best friend is more important than just a friend because best friend will be there when sad, happy, and etc. friend is everything. Without friend, my life is nothing. The presence of friends make me more happy, because among my brothers I’m the only daughter.
If  there is someone who is always with you when you’re sad, it’s not a friend. If there is someone who always take care of you when you’re sick, it’s not friend. If there is someone who always help when you hard, it’s not friend. Because friends will be present if you’re happy, your friends will be present if you lots of money.
Someone who is always there when you’re sad, her does not deserve to be called a friend. Someone who is always there when you were sick, her does not deserve to be called a friend, and someone who is always when you hard, her does not deserve to be called friend. But her more deserves to be called sister.
That’s it for now, sorry if you find this article boring. And everyone must have a different point of view, and this is mine. Oke see you next time … :)

Ask an Expert

Windy a “chef”
Her complete name Windy Yunica Peggy Iskandar, and daily life is usually called by the name Windy. I know Windy of Junior High School. And now Windy become a chef. Next week Windy invited me to make a rainbow cake together.
There were some questions I asked to her, and I will just write it for you below. Check it out !!!
Nia (N)                  : Assalamualaikum.
Windy (W)          : Waalaikumsalam. Hi Nia.
(N)                         : Hi win. Finally, long time no see.
(W)                        : Yeah, follow me.
(N)                         : Ok. How are you Win? By the way, I’d like to say thanks for your invitation.
(W)                        : I am very well Nia. Okay, let’s go to my lovely kitchen.
(N)                         : Sure. I’ll follow you.
(W)                        : What are we making, Nia?
(N)                         : I know that your kitchenware is complete enough to make everything. How
about Rainbow cake.
(W)                        : I love that cake very much. Okay, let’s do it !
(N)                         : That’s good. What ingredients that we need?
(W)                        : We need butter, milk, flour, some eggs, sugar, cochineal, baking powder and water.
(N)                         : Now what?
(W)                        : Mix up the sugar, butter in mixing bowl while I heat up the milk. Then we will mix it together.
(N)                         : How about the eggs?
(W)                        : Give it to me please. I will combine it.
(N)                         : Sure. By the way, why do you like cooking very much?
(W)                        : Since childhood my mother always took me to help her in the kitchen. So, over time I will love to cook.
(N)                         : That’s why your kitchen is like a professional and these are a gift from your father, am I right?
(W)                        : Yes. This is the special gift when I was seventeen years old.
(N)                         : Very nice. How about our cake, Win?
(W)                        : It’s almost finished. We just need to bake then now. Then, our rainbow cake is ready to be served.
(N)                         : Ok. It looks so delicious. Thank you for helping me today Windy.
(W)                        : You are very welcome Nia.
(N)                         : I think we can cook some traditional food next time.
(W)                        : I’ll love it. Hey, look! Our cake is ready to be served.
(N)                         : Yes, let’s eat !!!
(W)                        : Wait… Wait… Let’s have a sit, dear. I will serve a special slice of that cake only for you.
(N)                         : So cute. Thank you Honey.
(W)                        : You’re welcome.