Sabtu, 15 April 2017

I can't imagine life without....?

Hai everybody…
This time I’m going to write about “I can’t imagine life without ……?”
For me, I can’t imagine life without best friend. Did you ever imagine that you live in this world without having a best friend? I think a best friend is more important than just a friend because best friend will be there when sad, happy, and etc. friend is everything. Without friend, my life is nothing. The presence of friends make me more happy, because among my brothers I’m the only daughter.
If  there is someone who is always with you when you’re sad, it’s not a friend. If there is someone who always take care of you when you’re sick, it’s not friend. If there is someone who always help when you hard, it’s not friend. Because friends will be present if you’re happy, your friends will be present if you lots of money.
Someone who is always there when you’re sad, her does not deserve to be called a friend. Someone who is always there when you were sick, her does not deserve to be called a friend, and someone who is always when you hard, her does not deserve to be called friend. But her more deserves to be called sister.
That’s it for now, sorry if you find this article boring. And everyone must have a different point of view, and this is mine. Oke see you next time … :)

Ask an Expert

Windy a “chef”
Her complete name Windy Yunica Peggy Iskandar, and daily life is usually called by the name Windy. I know Windy of Junior High School. And now Windy become a chef. Next week Windy invited me to make a rainbow cake together.
There were some questions I asked to her, and I will just write it for you below. Check it out !!!
Nia (N)                  : Assalamualaikum.
Windy (W)          : Waalaikumsalam. Hi Nia.
(N)                         : Hi win. Finally, long time no see.
(W)                        : Yeah, follow me.
(N)                         : Ok. How are you Win? By the way, I’d like to say thanks for your invitation.
(W)                        : I am very well Nia. Okay, let’s go to my lovely kitchen.
(N)                         : Sure. I’ll follow you.
(W)                        : What are we making, Nia?
(N)                         : I know that your kitchenware is complete enough to make everything. How
about Rainbow cake.
(W)                        : I love that cake very much. Okay, let’s do it !
(N)                         : That’s good. What ingredients that we need?
(W)                        : We need butter, milk, flour, some eggs, sugar, cochineal, baking powder and water.
(N)                         : Now what?
(W)                        : Mix up the sugar, butter in mixing bowl while I heat up the milk. Then we will mix it together.
(N)                         : How about the eggs?
(W)                        : Give it to me please. I will combine it.
(N)                         : Sure. By the way, why do you like cooking very much?
(W)                        : Since childhood my mother always took me to help her in the kitchen. So, over time I will love to cook.
(N)                         : That’s why your kitchen is like a professional and these are a gift from your father, am I right?
(W)                        : Yes. This is the special gift when I was seventeen years old.
(N)                         : Very nice. How about our cake, Win?
(W)                        : It’s almost finished. We just need to bake then now. Then, our rainbow cake is ready to be served.
(N)                         : Ok. It looks so delicious. Thank you for helping me today Windy.
(W)                        : You are very welcome Nia.
(N)                         : I think we can cook some traditional food next time.
(W)                        : I’ll love it. Hey, look! Our cake is ready to be served.
(N)                         : Yes, let’s eat !!!
(W)                        : Wait… Wait… Let’s have a sit, dear. I will serve a special slice of that cake only for you.
(N)                         : So cute. Thank you Honey.
(W)                        : You’re welcome.

discussion robot in the future

Sabtu, 18 Maret 2017

my skill

I’m going to tell you about one of my skill... which is playing a card game called bridge.

Bridge are a game played with a set of card, it might not like it but bridge actually a sport. The card used to play bridge is common playing cards, which usually have a set of 54 cards. But in bridge we only use 52 of those cards, the jokers are casted off from the rules. Bridge played as pair, wich means it is not a card game you can play alone, but it is a game that require a team. Bridge can be played by two teams with two people on each teams.

The first time I played bridge is when I was on my 4th grade. I started to play mini bridge before I step into the bridge itself. My dad is the one who introduced me to this game of cards, because he is a bridge instructor. I have played it for almost two years. Immediately after I graduated from elementary school, I started to train how to play bridge with my brother. Because, my brother is also a bridge athlete. I have participated on many bridge competition. I’m really glad I have the skill to play bridge because I can meet with many people who play it too. Everyone can play bridge, be it a student, even a doctor can play it.

In high school... 2nd grade to be exact, I participate in a national bridge competition and Alhamdulillah my team won the 2nd place dan the team members got silver medals. On the 3rd grade, me and my pair has been choosen to represent the north kayong district to participate in porprov championship. We won the bronze medal, which mean we took the 3rd place. I’m really happy I can play bridge because when I won in a competition I will receive scholarship as the prize, ad Alhamdulillah I didn’t pay for my school from junior high and senior high school. I even participate in national bridge competition and I’m very proud to be able to represent West Borneo in the national level.

That’s all I can say for now, thankyou for your time... see you again.

Jumat, 10 Maret 2017

Core Vocabulary

1.  I wanted at least : smartphones, laptops, printers, AC, fan, televisions, chargers, iron washing machine, rice cooker, refrigerator, lamp, DVD player
2. There is a hotel in Japan operaTed by robots, they act as the receptionist, cleaner,etc.
     It would be great if they could do our homeworks.
3.Things that we should do on our own are study, becaus3 robots doesn't need to study but we do.

-adopt = legally take another’S child and bring it up as one's ocen (line 4)
-aid = to help somene / people with his / her / their problems. (line 3)
- career = what one's do to earn money. (line 11)
- code = a set of intructions for computer. (line 16)
- doubt = questioring about something. (line 15)
- effort = an attempt to do something. (line 7)
- force = to push one's idea, need. Etc. (line 6)
- oppose = to deny someone's idea. (line 5)
-potetial =the ability to do something. (line 14)
-serve = to do someone's work . (line 8)

Reading Skills

A. Pre-reading questions
1. - To help the peoples to learn English langue
   - Help the human to design the structure of buildings in the world
  .) They have not feelings, so they can make worres the in the future

2. Kind of Robot we would like to see as Doraemon’s Robot. Because Doraemon can make our desire will comes true.

B. Reading
   Paragraph 1     : Line 7
                                  Gatest suggests that soon robots will be adopted in the home in the same whay that personal computers have been.
   Paragraph 2     : Line 12
                                  There are several reasons why the age of home robots in now possible. First, robots need a brain-a computer.
   Paragraph 3     : Line 28
They will protect us from dangerous people who may try to force their way into our homes

C. Identifying topic and main idea

1.       C. Robots in the home.
2.       Robots will improve our lives in many ways

E. Identifying opinions

3.       -  Airline Pilot             : I would not like, it very dangerous. Because the robot can bring me to accident

-                    -   Doctor                      : I would’t like it. Because it is impossible to do surgery for a human
-    Cook                          : I don’t agree. Because the people have different sensation of about the foods and drinks
-    Police Officer         :I agree. Because they can to help the police to do many jobs in police office.
-    Singer                       : I don’t agree. Because the Robot don’t talk too much.
-    Taxi Driver               : I agree. Because Robot can make me be happy the car as asloong the street
-    Teacher                    : I don’t agree. It’s not flexible